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I'm an advertiser. The one that makes you dream of things you will never have. I give you news.
And the advantage of the novelty is that it never remains new; there is always a newer novelty that makes the previous one age.
In my profession nobody wants your happiness. Because happy people don't consume.
(Frédéric Beigbeder) 

  • Info

    For over fifty years, marketing has helped companies and managers to orient themselves on the market to be successful.
    This course is designed to help Companies get to know, understand and "do marketing".
    The market today has changed dramatically. Everyone faces global challenges, even if they operate in local contexts.

  • Training Objectives

    Provide basic knowledge of marketing and business communication.
    Illustrate their processes to understand markets and consumers.
    Create customer-oriented strategies and tactics.
    Extend the matter to various fields of application.
    Manage sales also in new digital scenarios.

  • Process

    The course includes lectures divided into modules.
    Each module is supported by multimedia contributions, demonstrations and in-depth "Case History".
    The exhibition mode is active and allows you to intervene with concrete experiences, problems and questions.

  • Duration

    The course is divided into 5 modules, for a total duration of 20 hours.


The evolution of the species.

Historical notes, development and transformation.
How marketing and markettari have changed; how the market and consumers have changed.
An overview, from its birth until today.


Brand Identity, Packaging, Offer.

Brand, graphic symbol and logotype: from here on out.
Packaging a product, packaging a service.
Evaluate the competition, define the target, plan the investments: how to position a brand, how to penetrate the market.



In the mind of the consumer.
Loyalty or bite and run away? Product definitions and marketing mix variables. The reasoned purchase, the impulse purchase: from Packard onwards to the new persuaders, more or less hidden.


Social media.

News, Fake news and "copy and paste".
Orient yourself and orient yourself in a world where everything is worth. But is it really worth everything?


Future media.

Premium, Freemium, Gratis, Download.
E-commerce and comparisons, the lesson of Chris Anderson: the long tail of consumption, new opportunities, new risks. How to see before the others.

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