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Any campaign and a creative one, often have the same cost but never give the same results.
A creative campaign, centering the goal for which it was designed, transforms the message into something more: an experience that envelops the consumer.
Too often today communication is based on the search for consensus, with the illusion that this coincides with success.
The solutions are always the most banal: they produce a culture without passion, without impact strength, superficially polished but deeply flattened.
Easily forgotten, because you never love and never hate anyone.

THIS WEBSITE IS DEDICATED TO Bruno Munari, Silvio Coppola, Bob Noorda, Enzo Mari, Oliviero Toscani, Bruno Ballardini, Giacomo Callo and Marco Baudinelli. FROM THEIR PRECIOUS TEACHINGS, I FIND MY THOUGHTS FORM.

a special thanks to Paolo Navalesi, Cristina Rebecchi, Paolo Salvetti, Massimiliano Grasso and Davide Longo.
thanks to them all this was pobbile.

Ecological and sustainable design for companies.
Development and creation websites and mobile apps.


I was born in Carrara (MS) in July 1964 where I live with my family until I was 25 years old. I began my studies at the Art School and then continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, where I graduated in 1989. Passionate about design and visual communication, I attend special courses with professors Marco Baudinelli, Piero Orsi and Fausta Squatriti, benefiting from the teachings of the great Silvio Coppola. Before finishing his studies, I began my first work experience at Pubblisistem Signmaker of Carrara, a small local reality where I had my first approach to the Personal Computer, to cutting plotters and to the world of vinyl and plastic supports. The main activities of the study consisted in the design and implementation of signs and plaques for small local businesses.

In 1992, together with two friends and fellow students, we open the Peaktime study; we produce numerous brands for companies in the stone and commercial sector, the first Brand Images inspired by the Unimark school of the great Noorda, the first small and mainly local advertising campaigns. After 5 years of activity in 1997 I entered as a freelance collaborator at the ADPower studio in Lucca, born from the split of the famous ADMarco Agency. In the short experience my activity is mainly focused on the design of visual material for banks and insurance companies.

After a few months, with the help of the great friend and teacher Marco Baudinelli, I arrived in Mondadori under the artistic direction of Giacomo Callo; here I design book covers for several lines: the Mondadori Oscar, Myths, Best Sellers, Illustrated, Italian and foreign Fiction including authors such as Emilio Fede, Dino Buzzati, Giorgio Forattini, Antonio Spinosa, Arrigo Petacco, Aldo Busi, Aurelio Galeppini, Scott Turow, Ed McBain and many others. I design the series "I gialli illustrati" and I collaborate with the series "I massimi della fantascienza" with the Art Director Giacomo Spazio. Between 1999 and 2000, a project and covers together with my colleague Gianni Camusso for the Panorama magazine. In 2003 I was called to Deagostini, where I created numerous packs for interactive courses, series in CD Rom, catalogs, various promotional material and intranet projects for the Multimedia division. In the meantime, I collaborate with the Piemme libri, Electa and Geo Mondadori publishing houses, creating various materials. Also in 2003, under commission of the Bianco & Cucco studio in Milan, I designed the Frette catalog for the well-known fabric company.

From 2004 to 2005 I am professor of the chair of the annual Marketing course funded by the European Community in Liguria. In 2004 I started to collaborate with the Apuana Publishing Company, where I create volumes for the stone sector, brands and advertising campaigns. Towards the end of 2004 I was called to the creative direction of the Unleaded agency of Massarosa, an agency with a strong advertising look. The transition from "designed" graphics to pure advertising, copy strategy, "applied" marketing involves me a lot: here I will work full time until 2011, planning campaigns and curating visual and digital projects for brands like Brico, Nestlé, Olio Sagra, Materis Paints, Baldini, Settef, Delicarta, Mister Color, Pramac, Imer, Mercatone Uno, Sebach etc. From 2011 to 2013 I collaborate in the m2adv agency of Massa, where I mainly produce images for trade fairs and projects for exhibitions; here my first approaches with three-dimensional drawing software and web development. From October 2014 to September 2017 I am the Marketing Manager at Lunaecom; later Project Manager of the Lifhe project for the Be2Up StartUp.
Today, I continue to design advertising projects and the Web for small and medium-sized companies and to teach Marketing and Visual Communication through funded and private courses.


  • 1988

    Pubblisistem Carrara  |  Signmaker designer

  • 1992

    Peaktime Studio, Carrara  |  Agency Founder

  • 1997

    AD Power, Lucca  |  Graphic Designer

  • 1998

    Mondadori, Milano  |  Graphic Designer

  • 2003

    De Agostini, Milano  |  Graphic Designer
    Electa, Milano  |  Graphic Designer
    Geo Mondadori, Milano  |  Graphic Designer
    Piemme Libri, Milano  |  Graphic Designer

  • 2004

    Società Editrice Italiana, Carrara  |  Graphic Designer
    Unleaded Agency, Massarosa  |  Art Director

  • 2011

    m2adv, Massa  | Exhibition Designer

  • 2014

    Lunaecom, Carrara  |  Art Director

  • 2017

    Be2Up, Carrara  |  Project Manager

  • 2020

    Designer Free Lance


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